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How Do You Clean Blood Stains From A Mattress?

How Do You Clean Blood Stains From A Mattress?
how do you clean blood stains from a mattress

Cleaning blood stains from a mattress can be quite the challenge, but fear not, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will share some effective methods and simple steps to help you tackle those stubborn stains. Whether it’s an accidental nosebleed or a mishap during that time of the month, we understand that accidents happen. So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the process of restoring your mattress to its former glory.


Before tackling the task of cleaning blood stains from a mattress, it is important to gather all the necessary supplies. This includes clean towels, cold water, mild detergent, enzyme cleaner, hydrogen peroxide, salt, baking soda, ammonia, a commercial stain remover, a mattress protector, baking soda deodorizer, and white vinegar. Additionally, it is crucial to take safety precautions such as wearing gloves and ensuring good ventilation in the room where you will be working.

Immediate Steps

When dealing with a fresh blood stain on a mattress, there are a few immediate steps that can help prevent the stain from setting and becoming more difficult to remove. The first step is to blot the stain gently with a clean towel or absorbent cloth. This will help to remove as much blood as possible without spreading the stain further. It is important to avoid using hot water, as this can cause the blood to set and make it harder to remove. Finally, it is crucial not to rub or scrub the stain, as this can push it deeper into the mattress fibers and make it more challenging to eliminate.

Removing Fresh Stains

To effectively remove fresh blood stains from a mattress, there are a few methods that can be employed. One option is to create a cold water and mild detergent solution. Simply mix a small amount of mild detergent with cold water and gently dab the solution onto the stain using a clean cloth. Allow the solution to sit on the stain for a few minutes before blotting it away with a fresh cloth. Another option is to use an enzyme cleaner specifically designed for blood stains. Enzyme cleaners work by breaking down the proteins in the blood, making it easier to remove. Follow the instructions on the product packaging for best results. Alternatively, a hydrogen peroxide solution can be used. Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and cold water, and then apply the solution to the stain. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before blotting it away.

Treating Set-In Stains

Set-in blood stains require a bit more effort to remove, but it is not an impossible task. One effective method is to create a cold saltwater solution. Mix two tablespoons of salt with a cup of cold water and stir until the salt is dissolved. Using a clean cloth, dab the solution onto the stain and allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes. Then, gently blot the stain with a fresh cloth to remove the saltwater solution. If the stain persists, a baking soda paste can be applied. Mix baking soda with a small amount of water to create a paste, then spread the paste over the stain and let it sit for several hours. Once the paste has dried, use a vacuum cleaner to remove it from the mattress. If the stain still proves stubborn, an ammonia solution can be used. Mix one part ammonia with two parts cold water and apply the solution to the stain. Allow it to sit for about ten minutes before blotting it away with a fresh cloth. Another option is to use a commercial stain remover specifically formulated for set-in stains. Follow the instructions on the product packaging for best results.

Drying the Mattress

After successfully removing the blood stains from your mattress, it is important to ensure proper drying to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Start by absorbing any excess moisture left behind from the cleaning process. This can be done by gently pressing clean towels onto the damp areas of the mattress. Additionally, it is crucial to allow for proper air circulation in the room. Open windows or use a fan to expedite the drying process. Avoid covering the mattress or using it until it is completely dry.

Preventing Future Stains

Once you have successfully cleaned blood stains from your mattress, it is wise to take steps to prevent future incidents. One of the best ways to protect your mattress is by using a mattress protector. A mattress protector acts as a barrier between the mattress and any spills or accidents, making cleanup much easier. It is also important to avoid eating or drinking in bed, as this can increase the risk of spills and stains. Regularly cleaning your mattress, even when there are no visible stains, can help maintain its freshness and prevent the buildup of dirt and allergens.

Removing Lingering Odor

Sometimes, even after successfully removing blood stains, there may be a lingering odor. To combat this, a baking soda deodorizer can be used. Sprinkle baking soda over the entire mattress and let it sit for several hours, preferably overnight. The baking soda will absorb any remaining odors. Once the time has passed, vacuum the mattress to remove the baking soda. If the odor persists, a white vinegar solution can be used. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and lightly mist the mattress. Allow it to air dry completely before using the mattress again.

Seeking Professional Help

In some cases, it may be necessary to seek professional help for particularly stubborn stains or for delicate mattresses that require specialized care. If your attempts to remove blood stains have been unsuccessful or if you are unsure about how to proceed, it is best to consult a professional cleaner. They will have the expertise and experience necessary to tackle the task effectively and safely. Additionally, if your mattress is old and heavily stained, it may be worth considering mattress replacement as a long-term solution.

Tips and Warnings

When cleaning blood stains from a mattress, it is important to keep a few tips and warnings in mind. First, always test any cleaning solutions on a small, inconspicuous area of the mattress first to ensure that it does not damage or discolor the fabric. Additionally, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning your specific mattress, as different materials may require different care. Finally, for stubborn stains or delicate mattresses, do not hesitate to contact a professional for guidance. They will be able to offer tailored advice and assistance.


Properly cleaning blood stains from a mattress is essential for maintaining its freshness and longevity. By following the appropriate steps and using the recommended cleaning solutions, you can effectively remove both fresh and set-in blood stains. Remember to take necessary safety precautions, consistently clean your mattress, and consider using a mattress protector to prevent future stains. With a little effort and care, your mattress can remain clean and comfortable for years to come.

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