Air Mattress Patch Kit
Air Mattress Patch Kit

You wake up in the middle of the night and realize your air mattress has a hole. You can feel the cold air seeping through, and you know you won’t be able to get back to sleep unless you fix it.

You rummage through your things, looking for a patch kit, but you can’t find one. You start to panic, thinking about how you will spend the rest of the night without a comfortable place to sleep.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

This blog post will show you how to patch an air mattress without a kit. With just a few household items, you can have your bed good as new in no time.

This article will examine some of the best chosen Air Mattress Patch Kit.

We recommend using Tear-Aid Vinyl Repair Kit; Packaging may vary as it is our top pick for you.

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We have good news for you if you’ve ever suffered the unfortunate fate of a leaky air mattress.

The Air Mattress Patch Kit is here, and it can help end your troubles!

This kit includes two patches explicitly designed for inflatable mattresses and seals up any leaks in less than 30 seconds.

In addition, this product comes at a great price point per patch set which means that even if one fails, you still have another on hand to get back into shape quickly – there’s no need to worry about not being able to sleep comfortably again!

Review contents

What is an air mattress patch kit?

An air mattress patch kit is a small, self-adhesive patch that helps to repair tears or holes in an air mattress. These kits are typically inexpensive and can be found at most hardware or home stores.

Applying a patch to an air mattress is a relatively simple process that only requires a few minutes to complete.

Once you have located the hole or tear in your air mattress, clean the area around it with a damp cloth. This will help the patch adhere better to the bed’s surface.

Next, cut out a piece of the patch slightly larger than the hole or tear. Peel off the patch’s backing and apply it over the affected area, pressing down firmly to secure it.

If you are using an adhesive patch, you may need to wait a few hours for it to dry before inflating the mattress.

Once the patch is dry, inflate the mattress as usual and test it to ensure that the hole or tear has been adequately repaired. If not, repeat the process until you achieve desired results.

What are the benefits of using an air mattress patch kit?

An air mattress patch kit is an inexpensive way to repair holes and punctures in your air mattress.

Patch kits typically come with a self-adhesive patch and instructions on how to apply it. Applying a patch to your air mattress is a quick and easy way to extend its life and keep it inflated longer.

A patched air mattress will also be more comfortable to sleep on, as the hole or puncture will no longer allow air to escape and create a lumpy spot.

How to use an air mattress patch kit?

To use an air mattress patch kit, clean the area around the hole in the mattress with alcohol or soap, and water.

Then, cut a piece of the included self-adhesive patch to size and affix it over the hole. For best results, allow the patch to dry for 24 hours before using the mattress.

Where to buy an air mattress patch kit?

You can buy an air mattress patch kit in a few places. The first place to check is your local hardware store.

Another option is to look online. They will likely have a kit that you can purchase. Many online retailers sell these kits.

Finally, you could always check with the manufacturer of your air mattress. They may sell a kit or have a list of recommended retailers.

The best Air Mattress Patch Kit

The Air Mattress Patch Kit is a simple fix for leaky air mattresses.

As much as we love having guests over, the last thing you want them talking about when they leave is how uncomfortable their sleep was because of your broken air mattress.

Luckily for you, our handy patch kit can be used on any size or fabric and will take care of those pesky leaks in no time!

If it’s been a while since you bought an air mattress, and now yours leaks.

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Best Air Mattress Patch Kit in 2022

If you own an air mattress and are using it regularly, you may have encountered a puncture or 2 in your time.

Even if your air mattress has been fortunate enough to escape the problem, you should prepare for the worst to continue using it. Most air ensures will add a repair kit when you purchase them, but the materials will generally only give you a single repair.

To ensure you are prepared for any eventuality, you should consider investing in a substantial extra supply of repair material.

Read on for tips on what to look for when shopping for the best air mattress patch kit in 2022.

What type of material needs repairing?

Before putting money in a repair kit, you should ask yourself this question. Air mattresses are produced from various materials, from hard-wearing vinyl to extra-rugged fabric substitutes.

You need to make sure you are buying a repair kit that will adhere to the stuff of your air mattress to ensure a long-lasting fix.


All repair materials should be waterproof, stopping moisture from penetrating the destroyed area. It would help if you also thought about investing in UV-resistant fixing stuff that will not discolor or turn yellow when exposed to sunlight.

Any repair material you buy should also have the flexibility and cope with the force exerted on it when your air mattress is inflated.

Application techniques

A simple peel-and-stick repair kit is likely the most straightforward product to use. These repair kits contain individual patches or a long roll that can be cut down with scissors.

Once you have lessened a patch to a perfect size, you must peel the backing material and use the adhesive layer to seal a puncture.

Patching material is not just simple to apply; it is fast adhered, meaning you can begin using your air mattress again in no time.

Other repair solutions are accessible. You might consider investing in solid duct tape that can be successfully utilized for vinyl repair.

Another choice is a sealant solution. Vinyl sealant and similar items can be hard to apply, anyway. You will need to work quickly and use the see alanMustoo the destroyed area.

If you have used it before, you should only go for the repair option. If it is applied rightly, sealant can generally make the damage worse.

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Best Air Mattress Repair Kit Review

Gorilla Crystal Clear Duct Tape

Gorilla tape crystal clear is a perfect repair material for any person looking for a powerful and safe hold.

This robust duct tape is made with heavy-duty applications in mind, making it particularly helpful for repairing larger rips and tears in inflatable mattress surfaces. When rightly applied, this tape gives an airtight seal that quickly rectifies air leakages and ensures forces can be maintained without further ruptures.

This flexible tape is amazingly versatile and can be used for all works. It is best for patching perfect surfaces, although it will also stick to rougher textures and uneven surfaces.

This makes it perfect for air mattresses from various materials, be it vinyl fabric or material. This tape is also resistant to UV light and high temperatures, which is handy if you want to repair an air mattress you regularly use for camping.

This tape is also straightforward, with a notched edge that permits you to tear it simply by hand.

Tear-aid Vinyl Repair Kit

This tear-aid vinyl repair kit is simple and can be used for all repairs, including rectifying tears and leaks with air mattresses. This standard repair kit will ensure air is kept within an air mattress membrane, even when extensive force is applied and material is stretched significantly.

This vinyl repair patching stuff is also transparent, meaning it can be used with air mattresses of any color. Quick adhesion is also guaranteed, meaning you can expect fast and simple fixes to destroy vinyl material.

This material will also conform well to irregular and uneven surfaces, making it the best choice if your air mattress has a textured finish.

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How do you find a leak in an air mattress?

You will need a repair to perform that. But wait, how would you use a repair kit successfully when you do not know the leaking area on your air mattress?

This would decrease your time of worry and effort. We will give you 12 tips for finding leakage on your air mattress regardless of size.

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  • Check the edges and tip of the valve, and view if there is no dent. And that is because if there is, you might need to buy a new one.
  • First, overly inflate the air mattress and lay it slant against the wall.
  • Put eyes and ears on the air mattress surfaces directly to the air mattress so you can be sure. It would be best if you located the air mattress in the relaxed and serene arena to hear the flaring sounds.
  • Flip it from one area to another as you meticulously and patiently do it.
  • You might need to fill a sprayer with soapy water in conditions you are skeptical about. Use it on the perceived spot and view if it would bubble. If it does, then you are in the best place.
  • Check the seams and view if the lining correlates. Assess it on both sides.
  • You can clean the outside and wipe off water from it. Fill it with water. View a spot that seeps the water. But, do this to an air mattress that is sufficiently thick and specs waterproof.
  • Once one spot is identified, mend it and wait for some minutes before inflating it again.
  • Remain alert on the spot you are placing it so it will not become punctured.
  • Reject pets or children from using a trampoline after you have repaired it.
  • Forever take the best care of air mattresses. Change it after long-term use.

Breliter Inflatable Patch Repair Kit - Waterproof TPU Pool Repair Tape, Heavy Duty Repair Patch for Air Mattress, Bounce House, Inflatable Toys, Tent, Swimming Ring, Heavy Duty - 10 Packs of 2.5*2.5in

$6.99  in stock
as of December 2, 2023 1:37 pm


  • Effort and Money Saver - Breliter Repair Patch Kit is a ultra-strong repair tool for Sealing the breakage on inflatables and outdoor equipment, waterproof and weather resistant, work perfectly even in the hot summer. Perfectly repair the puncture and leakage of the air mattress, bounce house, swimming Pool, tent, canvas, canopy, pool floats, tubes air bed and inflatable toys.
  • Great Quality - Made of premium TPU material, flexible, waterproof, self-adhesive and high temperature resistant. The best patch tape to repair holes and tears with excellent ductility. It will not peel off due to expansion unlike ordinary vinyl patches.
  • Easy to Use - Just wipe down the item that you are repairing and boom! Keep the holes or leakage near, dry and dust-free, stick on the patch, and apply pressure to make it stick firmly.
  • Wide Applications - Suitable for repairing small slits or fix a leak on swimming pool, bounce house, inflatable boat, inflatable raft, air mattresses, air bed, above ground pool, pool tube, pool float, inflatable ride-ons, inflatable sofa, waterproof bag, balloons, inflatable toys, and other inflatables, and can also be used to repair tents, canvas, rainwear, Umbrella and vinyl furniture. bring you much convenience.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Breliter stand behind our products 100% and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we'll make it right.

Air Mattress Patch Kit, Salt, Hot Water and UV Resistant Pool Liner Patch Kit, Vinyl Pool Liner Repair Kit Repairs a Variety of Inflatables Including Hot Tubs, Inflatable Spa Pools

 in stock
as of December 2, 2023 1:37 pm


  • Perfect Repair: Paistely vinyl pool repair kit is an effective solution for any puncture, powerfully repairing any tear, crack, hole or puncture. Vinyl glue is able to form a strong, long-lasting bond between the pool repair patch and the repaired area so it will stand the test of time.
  • Waterproof and Durable: Unlike classic repair patches, Paistely air mattress patch kit is completely waterproof and can be used both underwater and out. Allow 48 hours after application for optimum bond strength, the glue dries completely flexible and resistant to salt, chemicals or hot water. Clear repair patches can be used on items in a variety of colors without compromising aesthetics, and are UV resistant to prevent yellowing.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Vinyl patch kit for inflatables is mainly used for self-adhesion and mutual adhesion of tpuv, EVA, ABS, as.pc, rubber and other materials. It can be used for adhesive repair of handicrafts, plush toys, PVC trampolines, PVC waterproof clothing, PVC plastic toys, etc. Designed for repairing various PVC inflatable equipment, such as kayaks, bouncy castles, yoga balls, swimming rings, PVC pools, etc.
  • Ease of Use: The vinyl pool liner repair kit provides quicker and more effective application than traditional repair methods. Even without professional skills, using pool liner patch kit will perfectly solve any puncture problem. At the same time, the swimming pool repair kit is also equipped with two different sizes of vinyl repair patches (5×17.5cm*7cm rectangle vinyl patch, 5×5cm circle vinyl patch), which can be freely cut to size and suitable for various repair needs.
  • Considerate After-sales Service: If you are not satisfied with the air mattress patch kit you received, or the vinyl glue overflowed due to the shipping process, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with a replacement or refund.

Flex Seal Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit, Use on Air Mattresses, Bounce Houses, Rafts and Floats, Pool Toys and Pools, Smooth PVC Plastic Surfaces - Kit Includes (2) Crystal Clear Patches

$8.38  in stock
17 new from $5.79
Free shipping
as of December 2, 2023 1:37 pm


  • Includes 2 Super Strong, Rubberized, Crystal Clear Patches.
  • Designed to be used on PVC Plastic Inflatables
  • Stops Leaks Fast
  • UV Resistant
  • VOC-Free

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What is the best patch for an air mattress?

You only need a patch kit when you have a hole in your air mattress. A few different types of patch kits are available on the market, so choosing the right one is essential.

The best patch kit for an air mattress is the one that best suits your particular situation. A self-adhesive patch may be all you need if you have a small hole. You may need to use an adhesive along with the patch for larger holes.

When choosing a patch kit, it is also essential to consider the type of material your air mattress is made from.

Some materials are more challenging to patch than others. You will want to ensure that the kit you choose includes instructions for fixing the specific material of your air mattress.

With so many options available, it can be challenging to know which air mattress patch kit is suitable for you.

However, by taking the time to consider your needs and find the right product, you can quickly repair your air mattress and get back to enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Will duct tape patch an air mattress?

Yes, duct tape can be used to patch an air mattress. However, it is not the ideal solution and may not hold up for very long.

If you have a puncture in your air mattress, it is best to use an air mattress patch kit. These kits come with a self-adhesive patch that will create a permanent seal.

Can I superglue a hole in an air mattress?

Yes, you can superglue a hole in an air mattress. First, clean the area around the hole with soap and water. Then, dry the area thoroughly.

Next, apply a thin layer of superglue to the hole. Finally, press duct tape over the hole and hold it in place for 30 seconds.

Will a tire patch work on an air mattress?

A tire patch is a quick and easy way to repair a puncture in an air mattress. All you need is a piece of rubber or latex at least 4 inches wide and 6 inches long.

Cut the patch to fit over the hole, then use a hairdryer to heat the patch’s edges so that it will adhere to the mattress. Once the patch has cooled, your air mattress should look like new!

What can I use to patch a hole in an air mattress?

You’ll need a patch kit if you have a hole in your air mattress. You can find patch kits at most hardware or home improvement stores.

First, clean the area around the hole with isopropyl alcohol using the patch kit. Then cut a piece of the self-adhesive patch slightly larger than the hole.

Peel off the backing from the patch and stick it over the hole. Apply pressure to the patch for 30 seconds to ensure it’s securely attached.

Now you’re ready to re-inflate your mattress and enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Can flex seal patch an air mattress?

Yes, Flex Seal can be used to patch an air mattress. First, clean the area around the hole with soap and water.

Then, dry the area thoroughly. Next, cut a piece of Flex Seal slightly larger than the hole.

Apply Flex Seal to the hole, starting at the center and working your way out. Once the entire area is covered, allow Flex Seal to dry for 24 hours.

How can I patch an air mattress without a kit?

If you have a small hole or leak in your air mattress, you can patch it without a kit using a simple adhesive. First, clean the area around the hole with a damp cloth.

Then, cut a piece of adhesive tape slightly larger than the hole and apply it to the mattress, pressing down firmly. Let the adhesive dry for at least 24 hours before inflating the mattress.

Can you use flex glue on an air mattress?

If you have a hole in your air mattress, you may wonder if flex glue is a good option for repairing it.

While flex glue can be used on an air mattress, it is not the best option. Flex glue is not as strong as other adhesives, so it may not hold up to the pressure of inflating and deflating the mattress.

Also, flex glue is not waterproof, so it will not work well if your mattress leaks air due to a hole in the fabric. For these reasons, we recommend using another type of adhesive for your air mattress patch kit.

Can duct tape patch an air mattress?

Duct tape is a versatile tool that can be used for various purposes, including patching an air mattress. While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, duct tape can seal a hole in an air mattress, preventing air from escaping.

To patch an air mattress with duct tape, clean the area around the hole with soap and water.

Then, cut a piece of duct tape that is slightly larger than the hole and attach it over the hole, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles. Use multiple layers of duct tape to create a strong seal for the best results.

Will super glue patch an air mattress?

Yes, superglue can be used to patch an air mattress. First, clean the area around the hole with soap and water. Then, dry the area thoroughly.

Next, apply a small amount of super glue to the hole. Finally, press and hold the hole’s edges together for 30 seconds.

Will Gorilla Tape repair an air mattress?

Yes, Gorilla Tape can be used to repair an air mattress. First, clean the area around the hole with soap and water. Then dry the area thoroughly.

Next, cut a piece of Gorilla Tape slightly larger than the hole. Apply the tape to the spot, ensuring that the video edges are well sealed.

Finally, use a hair dryer to heat the tape and seal the repair.

Can you fix an air mattress with rubber cement?

If you have a hole in your air mattress, you can try to fix it with rubber cement. First, clean the area around the hole with soap and water.

Then, dry the area thoroughly. Next, apply a layer of rubber cement to the hole. Be sure to smooth it out so that it is even. Finally, allow the glue to dry completely before using the mattress again.

Will super glue work on an air mattress?

If your air mattress has a small hole or tear, you may wonder if super glue will work as a temporary repair.

While super glue can patch an air mattress, it is not a permanent fix, and the patch may come off after a few days of use. We recommend using an air mattress patch kit for a more permanent repair.

How To Find A Leak And Patch An Air Bed Mattress Correctly

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